Hosting the Olympics – Through the Ages

There have been 22 cities from Athens to Paris to London, Barcelona and so on that have hosted the summer Olympics since the start of the games back in the year 1896. In addition to that, 19 cities have hosted the winter games as well. Many cities bid for hosting the Olympics every year, Washington has asked the US Olympics Committee this time to host the games for the year 2024.

Mostly the Olympics have been hosted in Europe and America, however, there have been 5 events in Asia as well.

A look back at the history of hosting the Olympics can actually help cities tackle so many obstacles beforehand. Here’s what we’ve learned from the history of hosting the games that can help Washington.

The Very Obvious Nightmares!

There are a lot of different failures that can happen and the host city needs to be ready for all of them. For instance, the Lake Placid games. The biggest problem they had to face was the transportation failure. Washington’s Metro system and the highways hardly handle the day to day rush, imagine when people from all over the globe come to the city…

The Effects on the Economy

To be honest, at the end of the day it actually is about the money. The whole event is HUGE and it can pretty easily distort the economy of the city. Look at the history, 2008 Beijing, 2014 Sochi and the list goes on, hosting the games means you are inviting corruption, scandalous deals, ecological damage, abusing human rights and what not.

Usually the event goes over the budget as well so that’s what you have GOT to be ready for. According to a study on the Olympics from the 60’s to 2012, the event went over budget every single time. Hosting can be a massive financial risk.

There are many cities that are rejecting to host the games such as Munich and Oslo, simply because they cannot justify the expenses. Yes, hosting the Olympics can attract the world wide attention and tourists, but then again, it brings a lot of other stuff with it as well.

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