Modern Lifestyles:  Houses of the Future

When it was first announced that Bill Gates invested over 100 million dollars in his smart house, and that while he walks from room to room, the music can be heard from each place, greater demand appeared for such homes. These days people are back to their roots, and try to adapt to nature and not only use it for exploitation . Houses that are being built, in addition to functionality and comfort, should be ecological and make energy savings.

Demographers have long been predicting a massive urbanization of the metropolis around the world. According to the UN, by 2050 about 80 percent of population will live in urban areas. Automation systems in smart homes will be able to communicate with each other, and connected to sophisticated software that will manage with energy-efficient operation of all other devices on the household.More then 25 billion interconnected devices and homes are going to be netwoked by 2020, and seven out of 10 people in the world will buy at least one of those smart devices.

But bright predictions for increased purchases of houses and smart devices also will bring new threats. There is room for abuse and unauthorized incursions by modern criminals that use computer software and electronic appliances instead of lock-picking tools .

Modern intruders could hack electronic locks, security cameras, smart TVs and even children’s toys For example, in Black Hat and Def Con hacker conference they even showed how they can hack electronic locks and with no problem get into houses and apartments whose doors open in this way. They also showed how they can take control of security cameras that are connected to the Internet and through which homeowners, thanks to special applications, can monitor what is happening at home when they are at work or on the road.

This is why this problem should be taken seriously and options for protection should be considered . Smart homes are the future of the modern homes , and since one one of their finest characteristics is safety aspect , finding new innovative solutions in the field of protection from intruders will contribute to greater purchase of the mentioned facilities.

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