Timeless Trends in Interior Design

When we buy or build a new home, one of the most difficult decisions we have to make is how we want to design the interior of the home. Many people choose a theme, but later become tired of it or “grow out of it” and regret their decision to decorate their home in cows or avocado green. While it is fun to follow trends, interior decorating is time-consuming and expensive.

It is recommended that you really think through the decision on how to decorate your home. There are timeless trends that are not likely to ever go out of style that you can tailor in different ways to give the home a fresh look without having to redo the entire thing.

Avoid Kitschy Trends

While Roman-themed design or some other niche trend may be popular right now, it will not always be popular in the future. Many people are disappointed to have gotten in on a trend or theme they quickly grew tired of or went out of fashion. While it is fun to be hip and with it, we have to have a more long-term view when it comes to decorating our homes. Keep that in mind before going all in on the latest kitschy theme.

Classic Colors

Like the little black dress, there are certain things that never seem to go out of style. Clean white walls or earth tones are easily changed up with new window dressings, pictures, or furniture, and can also stand the test of time. It is a good idea to go with a color palette that can be jazzed up in inexpensive and unique ways as this will give you options for change that don’t entail an overhaul.

Simple Clean Lines

Crown molding, wide baseboards, quality window frames and the like give your home that polished look of clean, simple lines. This goes with pretty much any accessorizing designs and makes a great foundation for a timeless home.

The interior design of your home is something that needs to stand the test of time. It is a big deal and a big expense to completely redo your home, so it is recommended that you think timeless when it comes to key and major features of the home such as color scheme and the materials used in design. Using classic schemes allows for change and personalization as your tastes and trends change, without having to completely redecorate the home.

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