Arts & Crafts: Altered Art

Altered art is taking a regular object and decorating it to turn it into something a little more eye pleasing and possibly useful. You can use many different everyday objects to create altered art or you can start with a blank canvas – or in the case of altered art – item!

I picked up some plain brown paper boxes at the dollar store so that I could create some altered art. There are companies who make items to alter as well and sometimes I buy actual crafting items from companies like but when I want an inexpensive and quick project I stick with dollar store items.


This started out as a plain brown dollar store box and became a trinket box for my daughter’s room. I painted the box with acrylic paint and left it to dry. Meanwhile, I wanted to add some dimension to the paper flowers I had so I inked them with some dark brown ink to give them more texture and an aged look. I had a wooden butterfly in my stash of craft items so I painted it with gesso and then inked the gesso with different colors. I used hot glue down the body of the butterfly to adhere some beads for added dimension.

When the base coat of paint on the box was dry I decided I wanted something a little different for the look of the top so I painted it with a distress crackle paint and then some glitter paint over top of that.

Once the paint had dried on all of my elements I decided where I wanted to place them on the box and used hot glue to adhere them. To decorate the base of the box I used some self-stick lace ribbon that I inked with some brown ink for a more vintage look. Though it was self-stick I also used hot glue to adhere it so that it would stick more permanently.

These boxes are quite simple to make and my daughter loves it when I put them together as she ends up with many of them in her room to store her jewelry and many trinkets.

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