Arts & Crafts: Common Uses for Lanyards

There are a great many uses for lanyards. They are usable by many different people in many different situations or organizations. Schools have many uses for them as they can be used by the adults or the students depending on need. They can be used by public speakers and at seminars as well as corporate employees and trade show attendees. These are only a few examples of the types of uses for lanyards.

At a school lanyards are very useful when going on a fieldtrip. Each student can have a lanyard identifying his or her name and school. This will help not only the field trip supervisors but also the staff at the field trip location; they can call on a student by name to answer questions or help students find their group if they are separated. It is also useful for students to wear lanyards at extra-curricular activities; especially those that take place outside of the school. Events are much better organized when students wear ID badges on lanyards as then organizers can help them find where they are going and know which school the student attends.

Public speakers also wear lanyards as identifiers when they do sessions or give seminars. This is very useful to attendees who may need to make sure they are in the correct room for a session or if there is a meet and greet and people need to know who the speaker is in order to approach him or her with questions. It is also a good idea for the speaker to have lanyards to pass out to those attending the seminar so that participants can identify one another as someone in the same session. They can also act as promotional tools as the attendees may later give the lanyard to someone else who may be interested in attending a session.

Corporate employees may need to wear identification tags in order to enter secure or non-public access areas in a building. Having a tag on a lanyard can help building security or others working there know who they are and that they are permitted access to the area. If they wear a lanyard with a pouch they are also able to carry business cards, keys, or other important documents they may need on hand for proof of ID.

People at trade shows should use lanyards so that people attending can speak to those with whom they have an interest in speaking. An ID badge on a lanyard help people identify those working for a specific company and they will know who to approach with their specific inquiries.

This covers only a few uses for lanyards. They are convenient, helpful in many situations, and can also promote advertising or be used as a fashion accessory in the case of school students using them!

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