Arts & Crafts: Creative Uses for Ribbons

This is an easy no-sew project that would make a wonderful gift for a teacher. Teachers love lanyards so that they can always have their classroom door key at hand and if they are a coach they can use it for a whistle as well. All you need is 36-40” of ribbon, fabric glue or a hot glue gun, lanyard clips, and badge holders.

Choose ribbon that is 7/8” wide or smaller and made of material that will not be uncomfortable to wear around the neck. Good choices would be grosgrain, twill, or satin. You can get any print you like. For an elementary teacher you may want to find some ribbon with crayons or ABC blocks. A teacher of a higher grade may like a ruler print or something related to the subject area they teach. There are also lots of sports prints available if the teacher is also a coach. The possibilities are endless.

To start, lay your ribbon flat on your work surface with the side of the ribbon that will go around your neck is facing you and the rest of the ribbon is flat on the table.

Apply some adhesive to one side of the ribbon right near the bottom and lay the other side over it on a little bit of an angle. If you use a hot glue gun it will dry very quickly. Fabric adhesives take longer to dry and if that is what you use you may need to wait 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.

Once it is dry you can add a clip and a badge holder or put an O-ring on it for keys. Next, embellish it any way you like – leave it as is or add a bow or a pin to customize it.


You could also sew a ribbon lanyard or else use fabric. This method does take a little more work but the lanyard may be a little more durable for daily use. I prefer the no sew method as it is inexpensive and a handmade gift is always appreciated.

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