Arts & Crafts: How to Make a Lanyard

Making lanyards is a fun and easy craft for people of all ages.  There are many different kind of lanyards that you can make.  This article will provide instructions on how to make a box lanyard using four strands of gimp which is a plastic material that comes in all different colors.  The box stitch is simple to learn so it is a good one to start with when just beginning to make lanyards.

The materials you need are very basic.  You will need gimp in two different colors, scissors, and a measuring tape or ruler.  Gimp can be found at your local craft stores and also in dollar stores.  

Before you get started there are a few things to remember when making your lanyard.  You want to make sure that your gimp does not get twisted throughout the process.  You also want to pull tight after each stitch.  If you do make a mistake it is easy to take out your last stitch and redo it to correct things if the gimp becomes twisted.

To start off cut two equal length strands of gimp, one in each color.  You need about 18 inches of gimp to make three inches of lanyard so decide how long you want your lanyard to be and cut the gimp to the required length.

Take one of the strands of gimp and fold it over your right index finger so that you have equal lengths hanging down on both sides.  Take the strand from behind your finger and wrap it around your finger again so that you have two loops.


Take your second strand of gimp and put it under the two loops that you have formed.  Take the right side of your horizontal strand and put it over the right loop and under the left loop.


Take the other end of your second color and repeat the previous step but in the opposite direction – go over the left loop and under the right loop.  Once you have completed that step you can gently slide the loop off of your finger.


Pull all four of the strands tightly and that will form the box.  


The next step is to take a strand of gimp and form a loop over the box.  Take the strand of the same color and fold it over in the opposite direction so that you have two loops over the box that do not cross each other.  Take a strand in the other color and thread it over the near loop and under the far loop.  Take the other end of the second color strand and repeat the process of threading it over the near loop and under the far loop.  Tighten all the strands!


Keep repeating the previous steps for the box knot until your lanyard is the length you would like it.  


Once you have it at the length you would like you can put a bead at the end if you like and tie the ends to secure it at the bottom.  At the top secure your strands with crazy glue and cut off the ends and then attach a hook!

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