Scrapbooking: The Good Old Fashioned Paper Way

Many people have jumped on the digital train when it comes to scrapbooking but I still like scrapping the good old fashioned way. I don’t know what it is about paper, stamps, glitter, and other supplies but I like to touch all of the pretty things!

There are so many techniques for scrapbooking that sometimes we forget to go back to the basics and use up those supplies that we bought so many years ago. Specialty paper is so pretty and so much fun to use but I have vellum and mulberry paper that I bought almost 20 years ago sitting in my craft room begging to be used.


Vellum creates a nice layering effect. It is translucent paper and is great for layering to mute an image and make it softer. It can be used to soften up a darker color of paper used for a photo mat or to layer over a printed or stamped image. Because vellum is translucent you want to make sure to use a glue that dries clear or attach it to your work with brads or eyelets. If you are inking on it be sure to use a quick drying ink.


Mulberry paper is a handmade paper made from the mulberry tree. The fibers of mulberry are long and when you tear the paper it gives it a delicate edge. No two pieces are ever exactly the same since it is handmade paper. When tearing mulberry paper for a project it is best to wet the edges a little bit first. I usually use a paint brush dipped in water and “paint” the edges before I tear it to get the nice wispy effect. You can use this paper as a mat for photos or create your own embellishments. It is a great paper for making flowers!


There are so many specialty papers you can buy for scrapbooking and these are only two of my favorites. It may be time to go down to my craft room to see what other treasures I can find.

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